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Controversy has erupted regarding cheating with the Indian team in the Visakhapatnam Test. The umpire declared England player Tom Hartley out on the ball of Ravichandran Ashwin. After this the player used review and the matter reached the third umpire. The third umpire first saw that the ball had hit Hartley’s hand and his hand was in front of the wicket. After this it was believed that the ball had touched the hand even in the ultra edge. Then the third umpire saw that the ball was also hitting the wicket. In such a situation, the third umpire asked the umpire to change his decision on batsman Tom Hartley.

Rohit Sharma talked to the umpire

It is noteworthy that the on-field umpire had given Hartley out, but the umpire had given Hartley out not on the appeal of LBW but on the appeal of catch. Regarding this, when the third umpire saw that the batsman was not caught out, he asked the on-field umpire to change his decision. If the umpire had given the player out for LBW, the batsman would have been out under the umpire’s call. For this reason, the batsman was given not out even after hitting the wicket.

After this incident, Ravichandran Ashwin went straight to the umpire and started talking about this issue. On the other hand, Indian captain Rohit Sharma and many other players also approached the umpire and started asking why the batsman was not out on the orders of the third umpire.

Ashwin has not completed 500 wickets

After this incident, the discussion has gained momentum on social media that the Indian team has been cheated. Fans say that the umpire’s call was to come in the match, but the umpire’s decision was changed. Due to this controversy, Ravichandran Ashwin’s 500th wicket remained incomplete. If Hartley had been out on this ball, he would have become Ashwin’s 500th Test victim. The fans are angry about this and are blaming the umpire.

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