Business Idea: Start this amazing business with the help of government in Rs 15000, you will earn lakhs sitting at home.

New Delhi Business Idea: Farming is expanding in the country. In today’s time, people are turning towards organic farming. If you want to earn lakhs from farming then we have brought a business idea for you. In this you can earn lakhs of rupees from one crop. For which you will have to spend only Rs 15 thousand. Let’s start the process of starting this business.

At present, the demand for baby corn has increased rapidly in the market. You can grow this crop 3 to 4 times in a year. There is a lot of demand for it in the country and abroad. Let us tell you that baby corn is very good. In today’s time, file stirrer is in great demand in hotels, pizza chains, pasta chains, restaurants and even wedding parties. You can earn a good amount by growing this crop.

How long does it take for the crop to be ready?

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You can cultivate it throughout the year. Let us tell you that maize is plucked when it is 1 to 3 cm long and has no grains. When silk appears in the maize, it is plucked. In this way you can cultivate it 3 to 4 times a year. This crop takes 45 to 50 days to be ready. Its cultivation is very easy compared to other crops. This is a very profitable deal.

There will be double profit in this crop

Farmers get benefit from this crop. You can prepare fodder for animals from the remaining plants after harvesting baby corn. You can harvest the crop, dry its waste plants and use it for straw. Its fodder is very beneficial for animals.

Know how much you will have to invest

Let us tell you that you can execute this business by spending only Rs 15,000. After this you can earn in lakhs. Till now no organized supply chain has been formed for its sale. For this reason, farmers may face some difficulty in selling it. Let us tell you that its demand in the market is going to increase even more. If you start this business now, you will get a lot of profit.

Government will cooperate

If you are thinking of cultivating it but are facing financial problems, then you can also take help from the government. You can also take farmer loan from the government. The government is also giving a lot of encouragement to the farmers for the cultivation of babycorn and maize. For this, the government is also running an awareness campaign. You can also get information related to this from the website.

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