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Drone cameras are very popular. Nowadays many people like shooting with drones. If you also want to make a video with a drone camera, then here we are giving you important information. Here we will tell you about those drone cameras which cost less than Rs 3,500. You can buy this camera from shopping website Amazon. In this drone camera you will get support from high quality video to gesture selfie function.

Luchila Camera Drone

This drone camera available on Amazon has a 1080P wide angle camera. With this drone camera you can record video in HD quality. It also has auto hover feature. This drone camera can run for 15 minutes and you also get Wi-Fi for connectivity. The price of this drone camera is Rs 2,999.

amazon drone camera

This drone camera has headless mode, so that the user can control it easily. This camera can also record in HD quality. The Amazon Drone Camera can fly at a height of 40 to 50 meters and takes only 40 minutes to charge. The price of this camera weighing 200 grams is Rs 3,199. In which you also get a discount coupon of Rs 300.

FNX HD Drone Camera

This drone has a 120 degree wide angle lens camera, which can record high quality video. This camera also has an on off button along with headless mode. Along with the gesture control feature, you can also take selfies with this drone. It also has auto hovering function and 1800 mAh battery. The weight of this camera is 450 grams. Its price is Rs 3,499.

Clego FPV Quadcopter

This drone has a 120 degree wide-angle camera, so you can record 4K videos. For connectivity, Wi-Fi is available in it. Apart from this, this drone also has flip mode, bounce mode, remote control and gesture selfie mode. The Bluetooth range of this camera is 200 meters. Also its flight time is 15 minutes. You can buy this camera for Rs 3,499.

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