Buy for just ₹42 per month, this electric bicycle gives a solid range of 120 km.

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URBEN E Electric Bike

If you also want to stay fit in your daily life and want to complete your daily life tasks at a very cheap price, then you should leave petrol running vehicles because this killer looking vehicle costs only ₹ 42 per month in the market. Electric bicycle is available at cheap price with new modern features, want to know all the information about its performance.

New attractive features of URBEN E Electric Bike

Talking about the new modern features of URBEN E Electric Bike, the company uses a lot of smart features in this electric bicycle. You get to see assist sensor in it in which walking and automatic designing reading mode is available. You can use it when the battery is charged. Can be operated automatically, can be operated on foot when the battery is drained and is available with many other features like handle lock and LED lighting.

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About battery and range information of URBEN E Electric Bike

Talking about the battery performance of URBEN E Electric Bike, it comes with 36 volt Lithium Battery pack and the company claims that this electric bicycle gives a good range of 120 kilometers and it takes only 10 to 20 seconds to move at such a fast speed. Seems like

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Price of URBEN E Electric Bike

Talking about the price of URBEN E Electric Bike, it has been launched in two variants in the Indian automobile market. Its different variants are available at different prices. The standard variant is priced at Rs 49,999 and its top model is priced at Rs 54,999. Has been laid.

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