Buy HONDA ACTIVA SCOOTER not for 70 thousand but for 18,000, mileage is so much that it becomes loot

New Delhi: If you do not have any bike or scooter and are planning to buy then do not delay at all. These days, the demand for Honda Activa scooter is increasing rapidly in the market, which you can buy and bring home. If your budget is not enough to buy a new Activa scooter then don’t worry.

We are going to tell you a way from where you can save money by purchasing it at a very cheap price, which will be no less than a golden offer. Anyway, now the demand for second scooter is increasing rapidly, people are realizing their dream of purchasing it by spending less money, by purchasing which you can save money. If your budget is low and you are planning to buy, then do not delay.

Buy Honda Activa cheap from showroom

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Hero Splendor Plus, reliable companion, affordable price, great mileage in just Rs 30,000!

Honda, which is counted among the biggest auto companies of India, is winning the hearts of the people, whose Activa Scooter is seeing a significant increase in sales. If you are planning to buy Honda’s Activa scooter, then you will need to spend 70 to 80 thousand rupees for it.

Therefore, it is important that you do not delay even a bit in buying a bike. Talking about the mileage of Activa scooter, it can run 55 to 60 kilometers in one litre. If you are not able to make such a budget, then you can buy a second hand model and bring it home, to know its important points, you will have to pay attention to the article below.

Know where to buy second hand scooter

If you are planning to buy Honda Activa then there will be no need to panic. It has been listed for sale on the Quikr website, where the price has gone up to Rs 18,000. Here you will have to pay the full price for the purchase of the bike, which is like a great opportunity. There will be no benefit of any kind of finance plan here, which is enough to win the hearts of the people.

Quikr did not make any big announcement officially

Quikr website, the selling organization of Honda Activa, has not officially said anything on the price. has published an article based on the news going on in the media, which is like a good offer. For information, let us tell you that you should not miss the opportunity to buy Activa scooter, which is a great opportunity.

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