Buying a bike is so cheap, you will be surprised to know the price of TVS Sport

TVS Sports: Buying a bike in India is not a big deal. Today, there are so many finance plans available that you can buy a new bike for Rs 10 to ₹ 12000. But if you buy a bike in this way, you have to pay EMI every month.

If we talk about TVS Sport itself, its price starts from around Rs 70000. For which you can bring it home with a down payment of Rs 13 to 15000 only. After this you have to pay an EMI of three to ₹ 4000 every month.

Used bike can be a good deal

The headache of paying so much money as EMI every month can bother many people. This is why he still avoids buying a two wheeler. But if you come to know that you can get a bike like TVS Sport within 20000, then you will buy it today itself.

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Hero Splendor Plus, reliable companion, affordable price, great mileage in just Rs 30,000!

TVS Sport is sold at a very low price in the second hand market. Its demand is also very high because it is one of those bikes which gives long mileage along with good looks.

Best deals on TVS Sport on Olx

TVS Sport is also selling very well on OLX. Here the price of 2013 model TVS Sport has been kept at ₹ 25000. This bike, which comes in blue color, has ridden more than 40,000 kilometers so far. It is being sold by its second owner. However, according to the information given on the site, it is still in very good condition. also has a huge lineup of TVS Sports. Here the 2015 model TVS Sport is being sold for ₹27000. This bike has also run more than 40000 kilometers. It is being sold by its previous owner at Delhi NCR location. You can get complete information by visiting the site today itself.

The 2020 model TVS Sports is being sold for ₹38000 on the Droom website. This bike looks very beautiful. Its beauty is visible in the combination of black and red color. It is being sold at a very good price and you can use it for a long time.

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