By doing these things there is no need to do yoga separately…

Due to today’s deteriorating lifestyle, both the physical and mental health of people are being adversely affected. In such a situation, you can do these easy yoga asanas at home. In earlier times, these yoga asanas match the process of household work. These yoga asanas are hidden in these everyday tasks, will keep you fit and fine. These yoga asanas are hidden in these daily tasks.

Nowadays the lifestyle has become such that we do not get time for physical activity. Many people keep working sitting at one place for hours. Which has a negative impact on both their physical and mental health. Therefore, lifestyle related diseases are becoming common. To prevent this, experts often advise keeping the body physically active. But many times people do not get time for this, especially working women who have to look after both home and office. But there are many yoga asanas which are related to our household work only.

Yoga teacher Deeksha Sharma has shared a video on her Instagram account in which she has told about those yogasanas, which match our household work. If we talk about the time a few years ago, women used to do this work themselves at home. But nowadays, due to various devices available in the market and modernization, these tasks have become quite easy.

.Chakki Chalanasana – By doing this yoga asana, one can get relief from the problem of reducing belly fat and insomnia. You can do this easily at home. – While inhaling, bring your upper body forward and straighten your hands by taking them out from behind the legs. Meaning you have to make a big circle with your hands covering your feet. To do this asana, sit on the yoga mat with both your legs facing forward and spread your legs far apart. Keep your spine straight. After this, join both your palms and join hands by intertwining the fingers. – Now you have to do this asana in the same way as the mill was used in earlier times. For this, while inhaling, bring the upper part of your body forward and move your hands from left to right. Spin it round and round like a mill. Now repeat the same action from the other side.

Kashtha Takshan Asana – This asana can help in reducing the fat of arms, shoulders and back. To do this you have to sit in a squatting position. That is, sit by putting your body weight on your legs and feet. Keep in mind that the toes of the left foot should be bent towards the left and the toes of the right foot should be towards the right. Then keep your arms straight and bring them towards the front. Join the fingers of both hands together. – Keep the spine straight.

Then repeat the same process as in earlier times, women used to use wooden plates for washing clothes. Before starting these yoga asanas, you must take advice from an expert.

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