Canada: Bullets fired at the house of Khalistani terrorist Nijjar’s close friend – News India Live

Firing has also been done at the house of a close friend of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar, who became the cause of dispute between India and Canada. After this incident, there has been a panic in the police of British Columbia province of Canada.

Nijjar was shot dead in June last year. As soon as Canadian PM Trudeau accused India of being involved in this, relations between the two countries turned sour.

However, an attempt has been made to target a special friend of Hawi Nijjar. According to the police, firing was done at the house of Nijjar’s friend Simranjeet Singh at midnight on Thursday.

According to the British Columbia Gurudwara Council, the house where the firing took place belongs to Simranjit Singh, a friend of Hardeep Singh Nijjar. The police have taken statements from the neighbours. Several bullets hit a car parked outside the house. Bullets were fired at the house also. However, the reason behind this is not yet known.

Gurudwara Council says that this incident may also be connected to Nijjar’s murder. Simranjeet Singh’s six-year-old daughter narrowly escaped the firing.

The Gurdwara Parishad also says Simranjit Singh helped organize a pro-Khalistan protest outside the Indian Consulate in Vancouver on January 26.

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