Cobra Snake Ka Video – Rescue of Nagraj sitting hidden in the helmet

The cobra snake was hiding very cleverly.

Cobra Snake Video , A video is making waves on social media, which will give you goosebumps. The video shows a man getting ready to exit the bike, and was in for a surprise when he tried to put on the helmet. He saw a cobra hiding comfortably inside his helmet. This shocking moment was captured on camera by Instagram user @snake_hunter_mallu and shared on his account. This short clip is now going viral rapidly, leaving people in shock.

Rescue of cobra hidden in helmet. Cobra Snake Video

This unique video shows how a person slowly removes the cobra hidden inside his helmet, and for this he has taken the help of an iron rod. The cobra also hid itself so cleverly inside the helmet that soon no one could realize that there was a snake there. Since this strange incident was shared on Instagram, the video has been liked more than 6 lakh times. People are surprised to see this video and are commenting a lot on it.

People gave feedback. Cobra Snake Video

One user responded, “This is really shocking.” Another user expressed his feelings and wrote, ‘God, this is scarier than everything.’ The third user shared his views and said, ‘This is really scary.’ A fourth user echoed this comment, saying, “OMG, this is really scary.”

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