Comparison with Dhoni hurts but there is no one like him in my life: Rishabh Pant

New Delhi. Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been Rishabh Pant’s mentor for a long time, but there was a time when the constant comparisons with the former Indian captain would put him under so much pressure that he would feel ‘suffocated’. Pant, who was injured in a horrific car accident in December 2022, is still not completely fit. Dhoni is the only person with whom he shares everything in life. He admitted that comparison with Dhoni was very difficult for him in the initial days of his career. Pant said in a series of ‘Star Sports’, “I used to feel very bad.

I am 20. He was 21 years old and used to cry in his room. There was so much tension that I could not breathe. There was so much pressure that I wondered what to do now. When I missed a stumping opportunity in Mohali, the crowd started shouting Dhoni Dhoni.” Pant said, ”I can’t explain my relationship with MS. There is someone with whom you can share everything. I have talked with MS about everything. I have learned a lot from him.” He said, ”I also talk to him about such things which I cannot do with anyone else. That’s the kind of relationship I have with him.”

Pant said, “I could not understand why there was comparison with him.” I had just joined the team and people started talking about alternatives. Why were such questions being asked of a young man? Why was this comparison happening? This should not have happened. One has played five matches and the other has scored 500. He has had such a long journey so this comparison was meaningless.

Pant said that he will always be indebted to seniors like Yuvraj Singh who made him feel comfortable when he came into the team. He said, “I was very young and there were many senior players in the team. Yuvraj Singh, MS, all were seniors. It took time but he never made me feel like a senior. He welcomed me warmly and welcomes all new players.

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