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Global star Priyanka Chopra remains in the news for her professional life as well as personal life. Now along with the actress, her daughter Malti and husband Nick Jonas are also in the news. Malti keeps attracting the attention of fans with her pictures. Recently Malti was in the news because of her cute photo with Nick Jonas.

Does Nick Jonas regret marrying Priyanka?

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra got married in 2018. There is a age difference of 10 years between the couple but their chemistry never gets old. Whenever both of them get time, they spend quality time together. Meanwhile, Malti’s father and singer Nick Jonas has said something about her marriage, which has surprised her fans.

After seeing the beautiful style of the wedding, you should repent!

Nick says he regrets getting married. Now why did Nick say this? In fact, during an interview, Nick was asked whether his brothers had completed all the rituals of his marriage. To this Nick replies that yes, it was done but today when he sees his wedding bills, he regrets it. Nick Jonas says he regrets the lavish style of his wedding. Because a lot of money was spent on it. Nick says there was no need to spend so much on the wedding. This could have been done a little more simply.

Let us tell you that Nick and Priyanka’s marriage took place in Udaipur and this marriage was done in a very royal style. According to reports, Nick and Priyanka Chopra spent more than Rs 3.5 crore on their wedding. Apart from this, he paid total hotel rent for the guests in the palace amounting to Rs 64 lakh. After this he married again according to foreign customs.

How did the love story begin?

At present Nick and Priyanka are living a very good married life. Both understand each other well as partners. If we talk about Nick’s proposal, Nick proposed Priyanka in a very sweet manner. Nick got down on one knee and asked Priyanka to marry him. Nick told Priyanka, I will consider myself very lucky if you marry me. Hearing this, Priyanka immediately said yes.

Priyanka invited Nick to her house for the first time

Let us tell you that Priyanka and Nick had entered the Met Gala together in the year 2017. After this both of them started talking. However, before this both of them had met each other at a drinks party. After some time, Priyanka Chopra called Nick to her house and there was a lot of conversation between the two. Gradually this conversation started increasing and their friendship took the form of love.

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