Farmers of European countries got angry, tractor rally, traffic jam and arson in Belgian capital Brussels – News India Live

Farmers of European countries are angry with the government these days. Like Indian farmers, European farmers are also protesting against the government.

On Thursday, farmers took to the streets in Brussels, the capital of Belgium and announced a strike. Due to which traffic was disrupted everywhere. Farmers took out a rally in the city with tractors and threw eggs on the road. Incidents of fire also occurred at many places.

Farmers are angry in European countries. He says that farming is not earning good money and the government is imposing taxes. Environmental laws also lead to more oppression. This is making it difficult to compete with foreign farmers. Now the problem has increased due to cheap imports from Ukraine.

Farmers are angry that due to the war with Russia, European countries have given a lot of concessions on agricultural imports from Ukraine and because of this Ukrainian agricultural products are being sold at cheaper prices in European markets. Due to which the produce of local farmers is not being sold.

On Thursday, thousands of farmers took to the streets outside the European Union headquarters in Belgium and tried to put pressure on the European Union.

After these demonstrations, the Prime Minister of Belgium has expressed concern about the farmers. Has shown readiness to talk to farmers on this issue. And it has been said that farmers should not be influenced in efforts to save the environment.

In Europe, farmers have protested in countries like Italy, Spain, Romania, Poland, Germany, Portugal. In France, the government has also announced to provide financial assistance to farmers. A ban on import of cheap agricultural products from Ukraine is being considered amid farmers’ protests.

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