FIR lodged against CEO of Gujarat company and others

Kumar Inder, Jabalpur. After working hard for months, the farmer grows paddy which feeds lakhs of families. But in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, paddy worth Rs 2 crore of the same farmers went missing. There was a stir in the administration after the matter came to light. Higher officials have lodged a police complaint against the paddy maintenance company.

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Actually, a case of missing of 1400 metric tons of paddy worth about Rs 2 crore has come to light from a warehouse in Jabalpur. After the incident, a case has been registered against the CEO of Go Green Company and his other employees at Gohalpur police station. A warehousing company in Hriday Nagar under Gosalpur police station has a contract with Go Green. 7500 metric tons of paddy was kept in the open in the warehouse. But when a surprise inspection of the spot was conducted by Madhya Pradesh Warehousing Corporation Limited, 1400 metric tonnes of paddy was found missing from the spot. Its price is said to be Rs 2 crore.

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Investigation was being conducted after a complaint regarding the disappearance of paddy worth Rs 2 crore. On the basis of the investigation report, today Monday Gohalpur police station has registered a case against Santosh Sahu, CEO of Gujarat’s Go Green Company and other employees.

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A case has already been registered against Go Green Company

Let us tell you that even before this the Ahmedabad company was accused of spoiling paddy worth Rs 17 crore in Jabalpur. An FIR was to be lodged against the company by Madhya Pradesh Warehousing Corporation. In this matter, the role of many government officials along with the company is also being considered suspicious.

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FIR against the company in Balaghat also

In Balaghat district too, an FIR was registered against Go Green Company for negligence in storage of paddy and disappearance of paddy worth about Rs 13 crore. A case was registered against 3 including the director of paddy storage company Go Green.

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