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Jokes, jokes are such a thing to read. Or listen to something that makes you laugh. It reduces all your stress. You can reduce all your stress with this great joke. It not only makes you laugh, entertains you, and also gives you a laughing exercise. Anyway, doctors say that you should laugh and be happy so that you never have mental problems and you remain stress free, in such a situation these jokes are the best tool.

Ramesh kept the fast while enjoying his hobbies.

Ramesh (to wife) – Look, the sun has set, now let’s eat.

Wife (to Ramesh) – No sir.

Ramesh – Check whether it is drowned or not

Wife – No sir…

Ramesh – It seems that he will drown only taking me with him.

Teacher: Son, tell me how life comes out?

Pappu: Through the window.

Teacher: What do you mean?

Pappu: Sister was telling a boy just yesterday-

Honey, get out the window.

A beggar begging for food every day

Was fed up. One day he asked God

Prayed – “Lord, give me something to eat

Give that which does not end even after eating!”


God said – “Take this son…. chewing gum !”

Professor asked in Hindi class – “Abusing

Tell me the definition of..”

Student said – extreme anger

physical upon arrival

without physical violence, verbal

brutally violent

selected for action

group of words whose pronunciation

The mind experiences immense peace after

It happens, we call it abuse!!

Professor – Where are your feet Lord?


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