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If you also want to earn money by investing in the stock market, then a great opportunity is coming for you. Four companies have received approval from SEBI for IPO. IPO will be issued by these companies in the coming time.

These companies got
Antero Healthcare Solutions, JNK India, Axiom Tele Systems and Acme Fintrade (India) have received approval from SEBI for IPO. SEBI has sent back the IPO documents of Stallion India Fluorochemicals. According to the status of IPO documents with SEBI as of January 19, the regulator has approved four companies for the initial share sale. SEBI said that these companies have submitted IPO documents between June and October. These companies received approval letters between January 16-19.

According to the Antero Healthcare Solutions document, new shares worth Rs 1,000 crore will be issued in the IPO. Whereas 85.57 lakh equity shares will also be sold through OFS. Antero Healthcare Solutions was started in 2018 by Prabhat Aggarwal and Prem Sethi.

Shares worth Rs 300 crore will be offered in JNK India’s IPO. There will be OFS of 84.21 lakh equity shares. 1.1 crore equity shares will be sold in the IPO of Udaipur-based Acme Fintrade (India) Limited. There will be no OFS in this.

Whereas shares worth up to Rs 400 crore will be issued in the IPO of Exicom Tele Systems Limited. There will be OFS of 75 lakh equity shares. NextWeb Communications holds 71.45 percent stake in the company.

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