Hardoi: Project worth Rs 1 crore 91 lakh approved in Swayajpur Assembly

The efforts of MLA Shri Madhavendra Pratap Singh Ranu towards better health system and making farmers happy in Sawayajpur assembly constituency are bearing fruit. In order to provide better health facilities to the patients coming to the community health centers in the area surrounded by five rivers, on the proposal of MLA Shri Ranu ji, the Prime Minister, under the Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission, established Block Public Health Units at CHC Sawayajpur and CHC Harpalpur. After the release of the budget from the government, the tender process has started. Besides, the budget has also been released for the Cow Protection Center for the protection of farmers’ crops and cattle in Gram Panchayat Barra of development block Harpalpur.
Uttar Pradesh State Construction and Labor Development Cooperative Union Limited, Lucknow has been nominated as the executing agency for the establishment of Public Health Unit at Swayajpur and Harpalpur CHC and Cow Protection Center at Village Barra. The government has released a total of Rs 72 lakh 94 thousand for each Block Public Health Unit and Rs 1 crore 18 lakh 29 thousand for the construction of Cow Protection Centre. Patients will be able to get primary level treatment in the Block Public Health Unit, for which there will be a separate arrangement of doctors and paramedical staff who will provide treatment to those suffering from common diseases. Medicine, pathology and other testing facilities will be available at these centres. Here, along with vaccination, regular health programs and necessary blood tests will be available to the patients free of cost. Establishment of these centers in the direction of public health in Katiyari area, which is counted as a backward area, will provide better health facilities to the people.
The Cow Protection Center to be built in Barra will help in protecting the crops of farmers of more than 2 dozen villages by protecting about 1500 cows in the nearby areas. There is also a plan to provide employment to people by setting up units for manufacturing vermi compost and pesticides from cow dung and cow urine obtained from destitute cow progeny through self-help groups in this cow protection centre. The regional residents have appreciated the development thinking of MLA Shri Ranu and expressed their gratitude towards him.

Reporter – District Bureau Gaurav Kashyap

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