Hero Surge S32 Bike launched! Hero did wonders for the first time 2

Hero Surge S32 Bike You must have seen many times the Hero Motorcycle Company strengthening its lineup, in which you must have seen many great bikes of the Hero Bike Company, but the Hero Bike Company has done such a miracle that you will be shocked to see it.

Actually, we are talking about Hero Bike Company’s latest electric 2 wheeler or you can call it 3 wheeler, whose name is Hero Surge S32 Electric Scooter, which the company has introduced in 2 – 1 formula. Hero is the first company to do a different feat in the automobile sector. It has become.

Hero Surge S32 Bike
Hero Surge S32 Bike

Hero Surge S32 Bike

Hero Surge S32 Electric Scooter is the only electric scooter that comes on this 2-1 formula in which by having such an electric scooter, you can make 3 wheelers by connecting them together and when separated, you get the benefit of 2 wheelers. Read till the end for details of its special features and other features.

Hero Surge S32 Bike Features Details

In this latest electric scooter of Hero, you get many great features, in which reverse gear is being given first, after this digital instrument console, LED headlight, LED side indicator and speedometer, odometer, tachometer have also been used digital, battery charge indicator, And features like mobile Bluetooth connectivity will be available.

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Hero Serge S32 Battery Capacity

Battery power has been provided in Hero Serge S32 because it is going to be Hero’s electric 2 – 1 scooty which is quite good, 2 different batteries have been used in it. For example, if we talk about the battery capacity of the two wheeler, you will get a 3.5kWh battery in it. The same three wheeler EV vehicle has an 11kWh battery.

When will Hero Surge S32 be launched?
When will Hero Surge S32 be launched?

Hero Surge S32 Bike Range

In this convertible EV of Hero, you will get different range in Kargo three wheeler and in two wheeler scooty you will get different range in Hero Serge S32 because this electric vehicle has two modes.

One is cargo mode and the other is scooter mode because this electric vehicle coming in the latest segment of Hero is a 2 – 1 vehicle, so in its cargo mode you will get 10 KW motor with which its range is going to be 50km.

Hero has a very different offer in which you can convert two wheeler to three wheeler electric scooter. If we talk about the range of its scooter, then with 3 KW motors, its range is going to be around 60km.

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When will Hero Surge S32 be launched?

The latest segment of Hero Bike Company in India will soon be included in Hero’s lineup and it is going to be the first company Hero to introduce Convertible EV Scooter. It will be very comfortable and will have special features in terms of safety, range and many more.

Its first glimpse was seen in the showcase in Hero Word 2024. Talking about Hero Surge S32 Launch Date, till now no update has come from Hero Bike Company on its official launch date but it can be launched in 2024. .

Hero Surge S32 Price in India

Hero Surge S32, which is going to be an upcoming convertible electric scooter of Hero Bike Company, in which you will get a chance to use three wheeler in cargo mode and scooter two wheeler in scooter mode. Talking about Hero Surge S32 Price, its expected price is ₹ The price is going to be Rs 2.30 lakh ex-showroom.

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