Hyundai Exter SUV car will compete with Punch, see amazing features and price

Hyundai’s sleek car will end the game of Punch, see the price with amazing features and powerful engine, Hyundai Motors is a company known for its great cars, which keeps launching one more great car every day. Hyundai Motors has launched a strong car Hyundai Exter for its customers, which the customers are liking a lot. Let us know about the engine and features of Exter…

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Hyundai Exter’s great look and design

Hyundai Exter

Talking about the look of Hyundai Exter, its look is quite similar to that of Creta, that is why some people are also calling it Mini Creta. To make it even more attractive, it has also been given H-Shaped LED DRLs along with parametric front grille which gives it a stylish look. EXTER is written in front of it. It has been provided with diamond cut alloy wheels.

Hyundai Exter SUV Powerful Engine

If we tell you about the engine performance of Hyundai Exter SUV, then you get a very powerful engine in Hyundai Exter SUV. In this car, you have been brought with 1.2 liter NA petrol engine which is connected to 5 speed manual and an AMT unit. You also get the option of company fitted CNG kit which is capable of generating power of 68bhp and peak torque of 95.2Nm in CNG version.

Hyundai Exter SUV has powerful features

You get to see advanced technology features which include voice command operated electric sunroof, 2.31 inch Dashcam, smartphone connectivity, dashcam on both sides (front and rear), 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, wireless phone charger, automatic climate control. Features like have been included.

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Price of Hyundai Exter SUV

If we talk about the price of Hyundai Exter SUV, then you get to see the price of Hyundai Exter SUV around Rs 6 lakh. The price of its top model will be Rs 10.15 lakh (ex-showroom).

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