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Ghulam Haider, husband of Seema Haider, who came to India illegally from Pakistan via Nepal and lives in India, has once again appealed to send his children back. Ghulam said in a video released on YouTube that Seema has come to India with her four children and is living comfortably. Not only both the countries but the whole world knows how she went to India, how she crossed the border ignoring all the laws. But, no one is ready to listen. If this continues then one day he will be forced to commit suicide, the only option left for him is to pour petrol on himself and set himself on fire. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi should take note of this and order his police to deport children brought through illegal means.

Haider is tired of writing petitions to government people and judges

Ghulam Haider said that he is tired of writing petitions to government people and judges. His hopes were dashed. Now he has only God’s support, that is why he has come to Lahore these days. Where he bowed his head in the court of the donor and prayed that his children should meet him. Ghulam Haider also said that his mother i.e. the grandmother of the children also remembers the four children. She keeps asking when the children will return from India but she is unable to say anything because she does not know when the children will return.

‘I don’t care about borders, return the children’

Taking aim at Seema Haider, Ghulam Haider said that it does not matter where she lives. It doesn’t matter to him whether the Indian government sends Seema to jail or she stays with Sachin. He just wants his kids back. Ghulam Haider vented his anger on Seema Haider as well as Sachin and lawyer AP Singh. Haider said that AP Singh is also trapping Seema and trying to separate the children from their father. Let us tell you that Seema Haider, living in Karachi, Pakistan, had entered India illegally with her four children through Nepal on May 13 last year. Seema came to India after contacting Noida resident Sachin online. Seema Haider was arrested on July 4 after information was received that she was coming to India illegally and was staying with Sachin in Noida, she was later granted bail. Since then Seema Haider lives with Sachin.

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