Increasing weight has ruined the career of these 3 players of Team India, there is no dearth in talent.

Team India: In the current Team India, players are paying a lot of attention to their fitness. In this, Virat Kohli and Ravinder Jadeja are seen at the forefront. Players no longer want to compromise with their fitness. But there are some players who do not pay attention to their fitness, the effect of which is visible on the field. Today we have brought for you a list of three such players whose career has been or is about to be ruined due to their increasing weight.

1. Sarfaraz Khan

Sarfaraz Khan

The first name in this list is that of batsman Sarfaraz Khan, who plays domestic cricket for Mumbai. After a lot of hard work, he has finally got a place in Team India. But till now he has not got a chance in the playing eleven. Many questions also arise regarding Sarfaraz’s fitness. Due to his increased weight, he is not getting a chance in Team India. At this time the team is very serious about fitness. In such a situation, a major reason for not playing him in the team till now is his increased weight.

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