IREDA shares: Jumped from ₹32 to ₹200 in less than 2 months, see details

New Delhi:IREDA Share Price. Solar energy is being continuously promoted in the country, due to which the stocks of stock market listed companies are increasing rapidly. So the shares of this government company are continuously creating panic. Yes, we are talking about IREDA here. It has not been long since the company got listed in the stock market. Let us tell you that this share of the company has crossed from ₹ 32 to ₹ 200 in just 47 days.

Actually, let us tell you that Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA) has not been listed in the stock market for many days, due to which the shares of the company IREDA have increased from Rs 32 to Rs 200 in just 47 days. If you have bet on the shares of this company, then investors would have earned a lot.

IREDA’s share price has increased from Rs 32 to Rs 200 in just 47 days, due to which the company’s shares have given a return of 6.5 times its IPO price of Rs 32. The new high has reached Rs 204.80, for information let us tell you that the 52 week low level of the company’s shares is Rs 49.99.

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Company’s IPO at price band of Rs 30 to 32

Let us remind you that the IPO of IREDA was in the price band of Rs 30 to Rs 32. Due to which investors got shares in the company’s IPO at Rs 32. The IPO subscription of the company was so strong that since the listing, the shares of the company have seen a tremendous rise, due to which it has now crossed Rs 200 at its highest and lowest in a short period of time. The same IREDA was opened on 21 November 2023 and it remained open till 23 November, due to which investors liked the IPO of IREDA so much that the company’s shares were listed at Rs 50.

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