Japan’s Shika nuclear plant could not recover from the earthquake – News India Live

Tokyo, 03 February (HS). Japan’s Shika Nuclear Plant has been badly affected by the 7.6 magnitude earthquake that occurred on the first day of this year. The earthquake has created many problems in this nuclear power plant established in Ishikawa Prefecture.

The powerful quake slightly exceeded estimates by the nuclear power plant’s operator, Hokuriku Electric Power Co., The Japan Times reported. The earthquake caused oil leakage from the plant’s transformer and damaged power lines.

The No. 1 and No. 2 reactors at the Shika nuclear plant were taken offline long before the earthquake. On January 10, the company said it was reviewing new regulatory standards before restarting the No. 2 reactor. A total of 1,657 nuclear fuel assemblies are currently being cooled using external energy sources in the fuel storage pool.

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