Jokes that will make you happy by forgetting all your tensions –

Jokes are such a thing to read, which makes you laugh and removes all your tensions. Doctors also advise that you should be happy and smile. This is the most healthy exercise. Which we can easily do in our normal life without any pain and can remove all our tensions.

Laughing exercise is a great exercise, for this we can complete this exercise by reading these funny jokes. The easiest and funniest idea to relieve our stress is

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Disciple: Guruji, what do you call such a wife?

The one who is fair, tall, beautiful, smart,

do you understand your husband

Don’t you ever fight?

Guruji – It is called illusion of mind

Son… illusion of mind.

– After 5 years of marriage…

Brought white roses to husband and wife on Valentine’s Day.

Wife: Is this a white rose?

Red roses are given on Valentine’s Day, right?

Husband- Now peace is needed more than love in life.

– Master ji- Have you ever done any noble work?

Meetu- Yes sir, I have done it.

Master-Which one?

Meetu- Once an elderly lady was going home comfortably, I followed her with the dog and reached home quickly.

Master ji was stunned.

– Wife- You my beauty

looks better or

My values…

Husband: This is your joke to me

very good habit of doing

Looks like.

Gold earrings: Women have become crazy about such small gold earrings

– Girlfriend- My mobile is with mother.


Boyfriend: What if I get caught?

Girlfriend- Your number, ‘Take battery’

Kept by name. whenever your phone

When he comes, mother says,

‘Take charge’.

Boyfriend is still in coma.


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