Karisma Kapoor’s husband’s actions on honeymoon, divorce costly, gives Rs 10 lakh every month and…

Karisma Kapoor's husband's actions on honeymoon, divorce costly, gives Rs 10 lakh every month and...

Karishma Kapoor: Bollywood actress Karisma Kapoor was once going to marry Amitabh Bachchan’s son Abhishek Bachchan. Both of them also got engaged. But due to some family reasons this was not possible. After the engagement broke, in 2003, Karisma Kapoor married Delhi’s big businessman Sanjay Kapoor with great pomp.

Beautiful actress Karisma Kapoor, who ruled people’s hearts in the 90s, got married but this marriage became painful for her. Let us tell you that on the honeymoon, Karisma Kapoor came to know the reality of her husband Sanjay Kapoor. After this, marrying Karishma became the biggest mistake of his life.

After marrying businessman Sanjay Kapoor, Karisma Kapoor distanced herself from Bollywood. Sanjay and Karishma’s marriage lasted for 13 years. After this both of them decided to get divorce in the year 2016. Karisma Kapoor and Sanjay Kapoor’s marriage ended badly. Karisma Kapoor made many serious allegations against her husband Sanjay Kapoor.

According to media reports, Karisma Kapoor was tortured a lot after marriage. The actress herself had revealed that everyone from her husband Sanjay Kapoor to her in-laws and some of her husband’s close friends had hurt her a lot. In an interview, Karisma Kapoor made many shocking revelations about her painful married life, which anyone will be shocked to hear.

Karisma Kapoor revealed that Sanjay Kapoor was behaving very badly with her since their marriage. Even on the wedding night, Sanjay Kapoor forced Karisma Kapoor to sleep with his friends. Not only this, he had also told his friends the price of sleeping with Karisma Kapoor. When Karisma Kapoor refused, Sanjay beat her badly.

Karisma Kapoor further said in the interview that Karisma Kapoor’s mother-in-law had misbehaved with her during her pregnancy. Karishma’s mother-in-law had also slapped her and Sanjay had asked his brother to keep an eye on Karishma. Meanwhile, Karisma Kapoor gave birth to a son and a daughter. Even after having two children, the relationship between Karisma and Sanjay Kapoor did not improve.

When Karisma Kapoor became completely tired of living this married life, she decided to divorce her husband Sanjay Kapoor. Karisma Kapoor divorced Sanjay Kapoor in 2016 after 11 years of marriage. However, their divorce was also not easy. Sanjay had accused Karishma of marrying for money.

Karishma also filed a case of domestic violence against her husband and in-laws. The matter of child custody also continued between the two for a long time. Later the court put some conditions before both the parties, after which their divorce was approved. Currently, Karisma Kapoor is a single mother and is raising her two children Kiaan and Adaira herself. Whereas Sanjay Kapoor married his new girlfriend Priya Sachdev in the year 2017. Karishma is raising her two children Kiaan and Samaira as a single mother.

Divorce from Karisma Kapoor proved very costly for Sanjay Kapoor. Sanjay Kapoor is still suffering the punishment of this broken relationship. In the year 2016, Karisma divorced her husband Sanjay Kapoor. Meanwhile, Sanjay bought bonds worth Rs 14 crore in the names of his two children. Apart from this, Karishma was also given Sanjay’s father’s house. Not only this, till date Sanjay Kapoor also gives Rs 10 lakh per month to Karisma Kapoor for her maintenance.

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