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At the beginning of 2024, America’s population will be approximately 34 crores. An increase of about 1 percent has been recorded in the world population in the year 2023. About 75 million more people will be added to the world population in 2023. In this way this number has crossed 8 billion. Know at what speed America’s population will increase next year?

2023 is about to end now. People are looking at this year from different perspectives. One end of these may also be populated. The point is that how much the world population will increase in 2023. According to a report, in 2023 the world population has increased to 75 million i.e. about 75 million. In this way, the world population will cross 8 billion on New Year.

This year the world population has increased at a growth rate of about 1 percent. According to a figure of the US government, from 2024, every second 4.3 children will be born in the world, while two people will die during this period. If we talk about America, its population growth rate in 2023 will be 0.53 percent. This is almost half the world average.

America’s population will increase by 17 lakhs in 2023

America’s population will increase by 17 lakhs in 2023. After the increased numbers, the population of America has reached about 34 crores. If America’s population continues to grow like this, then this decade will have the lowest population growth rate in American history. It is estimated that the US population will grow by about 4 percent this decade.

Before 1930, the US population was growing by more than 7 percent a decade. Then after the Great Depression of the 1930s, the American population began to decline. Keep in mind that the year we are talking about now, i.e. 2023, is the year of recovery after Covid. There were untimely deaths of people all over the world during Covid. The population was greatly affected by this.

One person will join every 24 seconds
If we talk about the population of America in 2024, one child will be born every 9 seconds, while one death may occur every 9.5 seconds. Birth and death are also a reason for population growth in America. People are continuously entering America illegally. Immigration is also happening legally. Due to this the population in America is increasing.

According to an estimate, every 28 seconds one person is entering America as an immigrant. So, if we look at births, deaths, and net immigration, one more person will be added to the US population every 24 seconds.

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