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If your account is in SBI Bank then you must read this news. Let us tell you that recently SBI has given very good news to its customers. Knowing this, SBI customers will jump with joy. Let us tell you that SBI has recently told that Indian citizens living abroad can also open their savings account in SBI Bank. So if seen, this is a tremendous news for NRI people.

Had been appealing for a long time

Let us inform you that people living abroad had been appealing to SBI for a long time for NRO account. Now approval has been received for this. Therefore, now Indian people living abroad can easily open NRO account in SBI. Let us now tell you what facilities will be available to Indian expatriates after this decision of SBI.

Started digital service

Let us tell you that SBI has started digital service for its customers. The benefit of this facility will be that it will now become very easy for Indian expatriates to open an NRO account. You must be aware that SBI is a big bank of India and the bank easily provides digital facilities to the people through its Yono app. SBI has said that new customers will not have to face much trouble in opening their account, this facility has been started for new customers only. Now this facility has been started. Keeping in view the repeated demand of NRI customers, SBI has now started this facility.

Know about NRE and NRO accounts

Let us tell you that this plan has been started for non-resident external people. Under this facility, NRI people can now open their account in SBI Bank of India to save their earnings. Apart from this, Non Resident Ordinary account is used by NRI people for their transactions. Through this, tasks like rent, interest are done easily. Overall, SBI has now started a good facility for NRI people. The bank has started this facility for opening digital accounts. Due to this, it will now help customers to open an account quickly and easily.

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