Madhya Pradesh Police launched traffic checking campaign –

Churhat police launched a traffic checking campaign in Churhat of Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh. It was carried out with great force. Due to this, accidents have become common every day. The second main reason is that the city council has created a huge traffic situation in the common market of Churhat by buses and autos. In view of this, a campaign of intensive investigation was carried out rapidly under the guidance of police station in-charge Pushpendra Mishra.

Gram flour records etc. were also checked and challan action was taken against those who had deficiencies in their records. The police station in-charge said that the settlers are standing in the old stand every day and creating traffic jams due to which there is jam in the market every day. .

The police station in-charge instructed Shakti that after this the buses should also stop at the new bus stand in Tiraha of the police station. If the order is found to be violated, action will be taken against them with power if the buses are found standing on the way. In this way the autos were also directed. That all the autos should be parked near the tehsil, the autos should come one by one, she should take the ride and go away. If any other auto is found parked apart from the one, then strict action will be taken against that too. In this campaign, this entire process was done with the police station in-charge and the entire team. Manik Lal Gupta’s report has gone.


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