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It is said that peanut butter is more beneficial for the body than plain butter. It is also rich in nutrients like fiber, protein, vitamin B3, B6, magnesium, folate, copper, potassium, zinc etc. This type of butter is mostly consumed by gym goers. Because it helps in weight loss. Along with muscle strength comes energy. However, peanut butter is beneficial in many ways. Commercially made peanut butter has a variety of artificial flavors, unhealthy oils, and sugars added to it to extend its shelf life and flavor. Due to the presence of many types of preservatives in peanut butter available in the market, it is not able to provide full benefits to your body and its excessive consumption can have adverse effects on health. Peanut butter is also quite expensive in the market, so peanut butter can be prepared in a healthy way at home in a few easy steps. So know how to prepare it.


  • Groundnut
  • a little black salt
  • Honey
  • Bottle gourd
  • 1 tbsp desi ghee (optional)

This is how peanut butter is made

– First of all, fry the peanuts well in a thick bottomed pan. Keep in mind that do not use ghee or oil during this time. When the peanuts start smelling and are roasted, remove them from the pan and peel them. If you want a crunchy taste in your peanut butter, add the peanuts to the mixer first and run it on pulse mode. So that it does not become completely grounded. – Now take out 2 to 2.5 spoons of peanuts and keep them aside and later mix it in the peanut paste. – Now grind the peanuts well to get a soft texture. When the peanuts start releasing oil while grinding and a paste is formed, add a little black salt to it as per taste. If you want a slightly sweet taste in your peanut butter, you can add honey or jaggery to taste. If you feel that the peanut butter is a little dry then add one spoon of homemade desi ghee in it and mix it again in the mixer. In this way, peanut butter will be ready at home in no time, which you can store in an airtight glass jar. This peanut butter does not spoil for months.

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