NDA government formed under the leadership of Nitish Kumar in Bihar will prove majority in the assembly on February 12.

Patna . In Bihar, the NDA government formed under the leadership of Nitish Kumar will prove majority in the assembly on February 12. . If we look at the assembly figures, it seems clear that the ruling coalition will easily cross the majority mark. In such a situation, the question is arising that in this situation, why did the Congress, which is part of the Grand Alliance, feel the need to shift most of its MLAs to Hyderabad?

In fact, after Nitish Kumar rejoined the NDA, the BJP had claimed that 10 Congress MLAs were in touch with him. Lok Sabha elections are going to be held after a few days. After Nitish Kumar rejoins the NDA, the biggest challenge of the parties involved in the grand alliance is not only to maintain unity in the alliance, but also to prevent their parties from disintegrating.

Senior journalist and columnist Surendra Kishore, who closely understands the politics of Bihar, also says that Congress might have been afraid of its MLAs changing sides, hence they were sent to other places. Because, Lok Sabha elections are also going to be held after some time, in such a situation the risk of MLAs changing sides is highest. In today’s politics, the situation of MLAs changing sides is not hidden from anyone. He said that Congress is avoiding taking any ‘risk’ in this situation and is also proving unity in the party.

It is noteworthy that Congress has 19 MLAs in Bihar, out of which 16 MLAs have been shifted to Hyderabad on Sunday. Congress MLA Siddharth Saurav, who did not go to Hyderabad, also believes that no reason is understood yet as to why the MLAs were taken. He also said that it is possible that since the government has been formed, they might have been taken for a tour. From my understanding, there seems to be no reason why the MLAs should be taken away.

On the question related to the possibility of a split among the MLAs, he said that the possibility or attempt of a split occurs only when there is no majority. NDA has majority and this is not a recent thing, even before this, wherever JDU went, it got majority there. BJP state spokesperson Manoj Sharma says that Congress does not trust its MLAs. In such a situation, if Congress MLAs no longer feel that their future is secure in that party, then they will definitely look for a new place.


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