Nine Indian citizens stranded in the Arabian Sea, Pakistani Navy reached for help… everyone saved.

Islamabad. Pakistan has said that its naval officers and maritime security agency have provided huge relief to nine Indian citizens stranded in the Arabian Sea by providing timely assistance. A statement issued by the Pakistan Army on Monday night said that the joint search and rescue operation was launched after receiving distress information from the Indian ship ‘Sass Five’. The ship had gone astray due to technical problem. The ship had left for Sharjah from Dabhol port of India on February 4.

During this time, the engine malfunctioned, due to which nine Indian citizens on board the ship were stranded in the sea for more than 24 hours. Responding immediately to the distress call, the Army’s media wing Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) carried out a successful rescue operation and resolved the technical issues, ensuring the safety of the stranded crew, the statement said.

The joint operation not only corrected the engine problem but also provided vital medical assistance to the crew members. The crew of ‘Sass Five’ appreciated the timely and timely action taken by the Pakistan Navy and Maritime Security Agency.

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