Not only the palm, now even the fingers will look beautiful with these mehndi designs –

People are fond of applying different types of mehendi, some like to apply mehendi on the entire hand and some like to apply mehendi only on the palms. There are many people who like to get mehndi designs applied only on their fingers and tips. You will find many tips and finger mehndi designs on the internet.

But who wants to explore different designs on the internet, if you also just want to make beautiful mehndi designs on your fingers, then we have brought here some latest designs of mehndi, which you can make on your fingers to enhance the beauty of your hands and fingers. .

These different types of designs made in the fingers are not only enhancing the beauty of the fingers, but they are also completing the rest of the designs. Many people make designs on the back and front of the palm, but are always confused about what to make on the fingers. You can make this design with other designs also.

These heavy and intricate mehndi designs will look great on thick fingers. These designs are different in all the fingers, which look very beautiful. To make this design, finely chop the henna cone so that the design becomes fine. Thick designs will not suit the fingers.

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simple finger mehndi design

finger mehndi design easy and beautiful

These designs of fine leaves made on fingers are very beautiful. If you do not want to put much effort in applying mehndi, then make this simple finger mehndi design on your fingers and enhance the beauty. Easy to make and beautiful in appearance, these designs will be made in no time.

flower mehndi design

mehndi finger designs easy,

These flowers and intricate designs made on fingers are quite beautiful and simple. You can make this design on fingers very easily. You can make it special by making beads in all the fingers and a different design in one.

net mehndi design

mehndi finger designs easy front

Red Saree Designs: These new designs of red saree are very special for Basant Panchami.

Apart from flowers and carries, there is a fine net or mesh on the fingers. These mehndi designs will look good on thick palms and fingers. To make this design, cut the cone finely otherwise the net will not be fine and the design will also not look good.


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