Now wear this headband and sleep peacefully and see your favorite dreams…

Nowadays technology is showing something amazing every day. AI has changed and made a lot of things easier. But have you thought that AI can control your brain and sleep? Now you will be in control of your dreams. You can dream however you want. Most people will not believe this. Here we will tell you about HALO AI headband, by wearing which you can control your dreams. Know here what HALO AI Headband is and how it works.

What is HALO AI Headband? HALO AI Headband is a head-worn device that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to control your brain activity. It can be used for different types of works. In which HALO can help you improve your focus and reduce stress. It watches what’s going on in your mind and gives you commands about how much you are focusing. HALO can help you sleep better. It measures your brain waves and tells you when you are ready to sleep and when you should wake up.

HALO can help you improve your sports performance. It measures your brain activity and tells you how focused and influenced you are. How does the HALO AI headband work? The HALO AI headband has several sensors that measure your brain activity. This data is analyzed by an AI algorithm that knows about your brain states. Its complete information will be given to you through an app.

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