OMG! Bring home this Citroen eC3 electric car at the price of a bike, it has the best features

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Tata Citroen eC3 It is an electric car, which is manufactured by Tata Motors Company. It is one of the most popular four wheelers due to the big companies manufacturing better quality cars and introducing them in the Indian market. Which has left behind four wheelers with powerful features from Mahindra to Suzuki. Because Tata has brought Citroen eC3 in a new avatar to maintain its marketing. Who has given a great gift to the user. Let us know about this car in detail…

Citroen eC3 car price

Considering both the Bharti technologies, this four wheeler has been introduced at a very affordable price. If we talk about its starting price, it has been kept around ₹ 3 lakh. Due to the low price, people will want to buy it in large quantities. The special thing about this four wheeler is that even common people can buy it easily.

Citroën eC3 Mileage and top speed

These have been made available in four variants through Tata Motors, slight changes are seen in each variant. If we talk about its on-road mileage, it is seen at 420 kilometers per litre. Talking about its top speed, it is seen running at a high speed of 200 kilometers. Recently, the eC3 electric car has been launched in a better model with the top variant. Whose prices are seen to be different.

price of top model

If you are planning to buy eC3 Shine base model, then let me tell you which one is priced at Rs 13.20 lakh. The price of Shine VIBE PACK is seen at Rs 13.35 lakh. Apart from this, the price of Shine DUAL TONE VIBE PACK is said to be Rs 13.50 lakh as a showroom price. Which can be compared with top quality Tata Tiago EV and Punch EV of better brands.

Citroën eC3 Top Feature Specifications

attribute value
Charging Time 57 minutes
Battery Capacity 29.2 kWh
Max Power 56.21 bhp
Max Torque 143 Nm
Seat Capacity 5
Range 420km
Boot Space (Litres) 315
Body Type hatchback

Citroen eC3 EV DC fast charging support

If we talk about charging point, Citroen eC3 EV can be charged from 15 amp plug point. If we talk about the time spent in charging the battery of this car, then it can easily be fully charged from 0 to 80 percent in just 57 minutes.

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