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The term “self-care” is limited to just applying face masks and taking care of the skin; This also includes oral health. However, many people focus only on skin care, ignoring oral health as part of their self-care routine. Let us know about the importance of brushing before sleeping and its benefits.

The Connection Between Oral Health and Self-Care

Self-care ranges from giving your face a good massage to taking a nightly walk. Clean and shiny teeth not only boost self-confidence but also contribute to overall health. Maintaining good oral health helps prevent problems like tooth decay, bad breath and gum problems. Following a proper skin care routine along with dental care includes brushing before meditating, which is important for hygiene and a stress-free life.

Why is it important to brush before sleeping:

1. The risk of tooth decay is reduced

The food we eat throughout the day gets deposited on our teeth. Sleeping without brushing allows bacteria to grow, which can potentially lead to tooth decay. Brushing before sleeping reduces the risk of tooth decay by 50%.

2. Reduces Plaque Buildup:

Brushing before bed prevents plaque from building up on your teeth, which makes bacteria less likely to grow and spread.

3. Prevents gum damage

Maintaining oral health by brushing at night helps prevent gum problems caused by the accumulation of bacteria and dirt. This practice may contribute to healthier gums and reduce the risk of bleeding.

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