Pilibhit police put pressure on reducing the number of dacoits

After the Puranpur incident in Pilibhit, the entire emphasis of the police was on reducing the number of dacoits in the complaint. The police wanted the cash also to be written as less than Rs 15 lakh. Sunil told that after committing the incident the dacoits locked the family in the house. The keys of the shop were thrown near the shop. After the dacoits left, he came near the window and called out to an e-rickshaw driver coming from the highway. He opened the doorknob from outside the house.

Sunil informed his acquaintances about the incident through the mobile phone of the e-rickshaw driver. The dacoits stayed in the house for about half an hour. Police were informed at around 9.30 pm. Police reached the spot at around 10 o’clock. CO Alok Singh said that the businessman initially refused to lodge a report of the incident. At around 1 o’clock in the night, a complaint was lodged that four miscreants had entered the house and looted it.

Here, Sunil says that the police had pressurized him to give a written statement that instead of five, only four criminals had entered the house, whereas the number of dacoits was seven. Five dacoits had entered the house, while one remained sitting in the car and one kept guard outside the shop. The police wanted that Rs 15 lakh in cash should not be mentioned in the complaint. That is, the intention of the police was to register this incident of robbery worth lakhs as robbery of thousands.

On Wednesday morning, Provincial Vice President of Industry Trade Delegation Hansraj Gulati, City President Haji Mohammad Zahid Khan, General Secretary Ajay Khandelwal, Provincial Minister Vijaypal Vicky, Deepak Aggarwal, Sunil Gupta, Surendra Aggarwal, grocery leader Rajendra Arya etc. reached Sunil’s house and reported the incident as robbery. Demanded to register. The police remained adamant on filing a report on the robbery and business leaders. Provincial business leader Hansraj Gulati informed the SP who reached the spot about the robbery incident and five dacoits entering the house. Then the SP assured to file a report on the basis of the complaint.

The family was taken hostage and looted of cash and jewellery. The report is being filed on the basis of the complaint. To reveal the incident, teams have been formed under the leadership of ASP, CO, Kotwal and SOG in-charge and given different tasks, so that the incident can be revealed quickly.

Police trying to reach the dacoits with the help of car location and surveillance
Police is busy finding the location of the car to reach the dacoits who committed the crime at the grocery merchant’s house in Puranpur. Police is also taking help of surveillance cell. Police have detained five people, including four servants of the businessman, for questioning.

All four teams engaged in uncovering the incident are busy searching for the dacoits. However, the police remained empty handed till Wednesday evening. Police is busy searching for the dacoits with the help of car location and surveillance. Police argue that a dacoit may have had a mobile phone. This may lead to clues about the dacoits through surveillance.
Apart from this, the dacoits had come by car. CCTV cameras are being checked on the possibility of the car crossing the toll plaza. Police believe that the dacoits’ car may have had Fastag installed on it. The police have detained four servants of the businessman and a young man who had left the job with the businessman two months ago for questioning. CO Alok Singh said that the search is on for the miscreants. The incident will be exposed soon.

The complaint was changed several times before the report was filed.
After the incident, at around 1 o’clock in the night, in the complaint given to the police by businessman Sunil, information was given about five miscreants entering the house, taking the family members hostage at gunpoint, taking away cash, jewellery, DVR and two mobile phones and beating them. Sunil, who reached the police station along with business leaders on Wednesday afternoon, lodged a complaint that four hundred and fifty grams of gold, five hundred grams of silver jewellery, cash worth Rs 15 lakh, two mobiles, DVR were taken away and beaten.

The complaint was changed again at 5 pm on Wednesday evening.
In this, businessman Sunil entered the house of five miscreants and took the family members hostage at gunpoint and took away two mobile phones, cash worth Rs. 6 lakhs, four gold necklaces, four gold chains, four bangles, a tilak, nose ring, two pairs of gold earrings. Jhala, six pairs of gold tops, one pair of earrings, one gold bracelet, Mangal Sutra, four pairs of silver anklets, silver waist bracelet, 18 silver coins, Aadhaar cards of all the family members, ID cards, DVR loot, It has been said that if the report is filed, there will be death threats. Kotwal Praveen Kumar said that a complaint has been filed by businessman Sunil for looting six lakh rupees, gold and silver jewellery, DVR and two mobile phones. A report is being filed on the complaint.

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