PM Modi’s address in Parliament, said – India will soon become the third largest economic power

PM in Parliament: PM Modi's address in Parliament, said - India will soon become the third largest economic power

PM in Parliament: In Parliament today, PM Modi discussed the motion of thanks to the President’s address. During this, PM Modi discussed the progress of India. Along with this, he also fiercely targeted the opposition party Congress. Let us know what PM Modi said in Parliament.

PM in Parliament: ‘India’s economic power will become stronger’

Prime Minister Modi discussed India’s progress. He said, ‘Based on the experience of 10 years of governance, looking at today’s strong economy and the rapid pace at which India is progressing today, I say with confidence that in our third term India will become the third largest economic power. will be. This is Modi’s guarantee.

PM’s attack on nepotism

Attacking the family system, PM Modi said, “What family system do we talk about? If more than one person in a family, on their own strength and with public support, makes progress in the political field, then we have never called it familism. We would have discussed the dynasticism that runs the party family. The party which gives priority to family members. The party in which all the decisions are taken by the family members. That is nepotism. Rajnath Singh and Amit Shah do not have any political party. Therefore, where parties are written for one family, they are not appropriate in a democracy. There is nothing bad if 10 people from one family enter politics.”

‘Two and a half miles lasted 9 days’

Taking a jibe at Congress, PM Modi said that the whole world is seeing how big our goals are, how big our courage is. Attacking Congress, PM Modi said that in our Uttar Pradesh there is a saying ‘9 din chale dhaai kos’ and this saying completely defines the Congress party. There is no comparison to the slow pace of Congress.

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