Rahul responded BJP claim video feeding biscuits dog I am not able understand | Rahul responded to BJP’s claim on the video of feeding biscuits to a dog

New Delhi: During Bharat Jodi Nyay Yatra, Rahul Gandhi was feeding biscuits to a dog, when the dog did not eat the biscuit, it was given to its owner. Making such a claim, BJP had shared a video which went viral. Rahul Gandhi has given clarification on the matter.

He said that I called the dog and the owner. The dog was nervous, trembling and when I tried to feed it, the dog got scared. So I gave the biscuits to the dog’s owner and the dog ate the biscuits from his hand. I don’t understand what is the problem with this.

When asked about BJP’s allegation that the man was a Congress worker, he said, “No, where was that Congress worker. “I am not able to understand BJP’s obsession with dogs.”


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