SBI is giving a great offer, now you will get huge benefits by making FD, know the details

New Delhi SBI Offer: Today the country is moving very fast towards green or renewable energy. Financing of green projects is being promoted by banks. For this reason, Green FD has been started by banks.

This FD scheme is just like a normal fixed deposit. These are covered under the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation Act 1961. For this reason, there is no risk of losing money in Green FD. At present SBI, Central Bank of India and AU Bank are offering Green FD.

SBI Green Deposit

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SBI Green Rupee Term Deposit is being offered by SBI. You can start investing in this FD with a minimum of Rs 1000. There is no maximum limit in this. Three tenure FDs are being offered in this.

In this, on fixed deposits of 1111 days and 1777 days, interest of 6.65 percent is being given to ordinary investors and 7.15 percent to the elderly. On fixed deposits of 2222 days, investors are being given 6.40 percent interest and senior citizens are being given 7.40 percent interest.

Central Bank of India Green Time Deposit

Green Time Deposit is being introduced by Central Bank of India, the bank is offering 5.90% interest on Green FD of 1111 days, 6% interest on Green FD of 2222 days and 6.10% interest on Green FD of 3333 days. Is.

Au Green FD

AU Green FD is being introduced by AU Small Finance Bank. Investment can be made in this from one year to 10 years. The bank is offering 6.75 percent interest on 12 months Green FD, 8 percent on 18 months Green FD, 7.50 percent on 36 months Green FD, 7.25 percent on 60 months and 120 months Green FD.

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