SBI is giving special facility to its users, this number issued will give big benefit 1

New Delhi. If your account is in SBI Bank, then there is special news for the users of this bank that keeping in mind the convenience of its users, SBI is issuing a number which can make all your work very easy.

Will get help in banking work

With the number issued by SBI, you can do banking related work from the comfort of your home, anywhere. For this you will have to save this number in your phone. Let us tell you that SBI has recently released two numbers. Through which you can avail any type of banking facility.

SBI released numbers

To get information related to the bank or to solve your problems, you can call the toll free number 1800 1234 or 1800 2100 given by SBI during times of trouble. With this your work will now be done.

Benefits available in these services

To check the last 5 transactions

To know the status of check book

To know account balance

To know TDS details

Request for new ATM card

Block old ATM card

Deposit Interest Certificate via E-mail

You can get information from SBI YONO app

You can get information about the amount deposited in your account from this number through mobile banking app and also through SBI Yono app. Apart from this you can also generate e-passbook. After this you get complete information about your account balance.

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