SBI told not to make these mistakes to avoid fraud and loss of money.

If you get a call from the bank and are told that your debit card is about to expire. To continue this, what will you do if you are asked for the details written on your debit card? Keep in mind that doing this can be very dangerous and you may have to suffer huge losses. SBI has alerted bank customers regarding debit cards. If you get a phone call in the name of a bank officer and ask for debit card details, do not share it even by mistake. If you are asked for the debit card number, CVV number written on it and expiry date, then do not tell it to anyone.

Scammers can empty your bank account by getting your debit card details.

This means that when someone asks you for debit card details or offers any scheme, then listen to him with open ears and understand the matter with surprise. Debit card users should keep these things in mind. Using a debit card is convenient, but its security is also important. Is. Be cautious while sharing your debit card details, as it can lead to fraud. Here are some situations in which you should not share your debit card information.

Phone Call: If someone calls you and asks for your debit card information, be alert. Even if they claim to be a bank employee, do not provide your information.

.Email: If you receive an email asking you for your debit card information, do not click on it. This could be a phishing email.

Social Media: Never share your debit card information on social media.

Unknown Websites: Shop only on trusted websites. If you do not trust a website, do not give your debit card details.

Alert on ATM: Be careful while using ATM. If you see any suspicious person, do not use the ATM. In these situations, instead of sharing debit card information, you can use the options mentioned below…UPI (Unified Payments Interface) a safe and easy payment There is a method. You can make payment using UPI without sharing your debit card details. You can also make payment using mobile wallet. Mobile wallets keep your debit card information safe. If you need to pay someone, you can give cash.

Keep your debit card secure. Set a strong/hard PIN for your debit card. Always keep your debit card with you. Be careful while using your debit card. Monitor your debit card transactions regularly. If your debit card is lost or If it has been stolen, immediately inform your bank. Contact the bank and also activate SMS alert service for debit card. With this you will get information about all the transactions done on your debit card.

Set transaction limit for debit card transactions. Due to this, you will not be able to transact large amounts of money through your debit card. Keep in mind that debit card security policies of different banks may be different. For more details, you can talk to your bank.

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