The poor Prime Minister of Pakistan told the President of Maldives that we will help you – News India Live

Due to the anti-India attitude of Maldives President Mohammed Moizzu, Pakistan has suddenly started liking this small country.

Moijju is being opposed in India because he is taking anti-India decisions. Moijju has intensified efforts to send back the Indian soldiers deployed in Maldives, while now Pakistan has made a ridiculous announcement to help Maldives.

The whole world knows that Pakistan’s economy is going through a very bad phase. A large section of Pakistan is craving for food, but Pakistan’s acting Prime Minister Kakar Moizzu spoke on phone and assured to help in development.

However, the question is how will he help Maldives when pauper Pakistan is not occupying their country… The tourism industry of Maldives has been hit due to the boycott of Maldives by Indian tourists.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan assured the President of Maldives, “We will help you and strengthen relations between the two countries. We are ready to help you in your development also. Both countries will also work together at the international level.” ,

China could also be behind the increasing closeness between Maldives and Pakistan, because China has close relations with both these countries and now Moijju, who is considered close to China, is in power in Maldives.

However, Maldives politics is witnessing turmoil following India’s protest. Maldives’ opposition parties are preparing to bring a no-confidence motion against Moizzu.

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