This electric bike with great features has come to play the band of OLA, know the price

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There is a stir in the automobile sector in view of the increasing demand for electric scooters in the Indian market. Because the way the technology is going on in the Indian market, considering the Indian technology, the company is introducing electric scooters in the Indian market in a new avatar with different model features. In such a situation, if you are also looking for a new electric scooter, then this is good news for you. Because in this article you have been discussed about a scooter which you can easily buy at an affordable price, let us know…

Cool features of Godawari EBLU Feo Electric Scooter

Godawari EBLU Feo Electric Scooter has tremendous smart features. Like LED display, touch screen display, leather seat, reverse camera, digital speedometer, odometer, one touch self start, digital indicator have been used as safety features. Which is said to be very good.

Keeping in mind that users do not face any kind of trouble while driving, it has fog light, LED light lamp, halogen lamp, side stand, backlight, Bluetooth connectivity, mobile connectivity, SMS alert, alarm, timer clock, digital A lot of great features like console, digital instruments etc. have been used.

Battery and Motor of Godawari EBLU Feo Electric Scooter

During the experiment, it will become clear that a strong battery backup has been used in this scooter. Which is available with 3.4 Kwh Lithium Ion battery pack. Which provides power of 3.6 bhp. Along with this, it is capable of generating torque of 110 Newton meters. The special thing about this scooter is that a powerful BLDC motor has been used in it, which is quite powerful.

Top Features Specification

Feature Specification
Ground clearance 170 mm
Range NA
Charging Time 5.5 hours
top speed 60km/Hr
acceleration NA
Motor Type NA
motor power NA
Battery Type Li-ion
Battery Capacity NA
Emission Type NA

Range and top speed of Godawari EBLU Feo Electric Scooter

Godawari EBLU Feo Electric Scooter Due to the powerful battery and better performance of the motor, it is capable of providing a range of 60 kilometers in a single charge. Talking about its top speed, it is seen driving at a better speed on the road.

Price of Godawari EBLU Feo Electric Scooter

At present, if we discuss its price in the Indian market, then its starting price is said to be Rs 99 thousand. If we look at its top model, a slight increase in price may be seen. This may prove to be better and more powerful. If you are planning to buy it.

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