This form of Honda Activa 7G will hurt everyone, know the price and features

Honda is all set to launch a new two-wheeler in the Indian market on January 23. The company has released a new invitation teaser on its social media platforms, asking auto enthusiasts to “get ready to discover the new Smart”. H-Smart logo on front.

Honda Activa 7G Big Leaks

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) is expected to launch a hybrid variant of the Activa for the Indian market. It applied for a new H-Smart trademark in December 2022. However, details about the technology have not been revealed by the brand yet. On its BS4 scooters and motorbikes, Honda 2-wheelers had previously used Honda Eco Technology (HET). The BS6 transition used Enhanced Smart Power (ESP) technology to reduce friction and enhance combustion.

new edition honda activa 7g launch date
new edition honda activa 7g launch date

Honda Activa 7G Features

The new teaser indicates that the company is working on new technology. This suggests that AI could be a part of this technology. More details are expected to be confirmed on January 23.Honda may soon introduce a new hybrid technology designed to increase productivity and reduce operating costs for consumers. The company is also likely to use a hybrid system that uses a separate battery that is recharged using regenerative technology like you see in an electric vehicle.

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Although Honda has not yet revealed any details about the hybrid technology, if it manages to offer 10-15 km of electric-riding, the move could be a game changer for the Indian auto market. The maximum speed of Honda Activa, which will come in fully electric mode, is expected to go up to 40 kilometers per hour.

Honda may also introduce a high-voltage, strong hybrid design on January 23. ICE access will always be available for longer trips. This technology is expected to be included in the line-up of affordable commuters and scooters to boost fuel efficiency numbers

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