This Hyundai car will get huge discount in February, the price is just this much….

In a strategic move to start the New Year with a bang, Hyundai has launched an exciting series of discounts on select models for the month of February 2024. The purpose of this promotion is not only to attract the attention of potential car buyers, but also to provide. Existing customers will have the opportunity to upgrade or add a new Hyundai to their collection. Hyundai’s February 2024 bonanza includes a wide range of models catering to the diverse preferences of customers. Discounts are structured to provide maximum benefits, including cash discounts, exchange bonuses and special offers.

Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS

For hatchback lovers, the i10 NIOS series has been making headlines with special discounts on its various variants. The i10 NIOS CNG leads the pack with total benefits of Rs 43,000, which includes Rs 30,000 cash discount, Rs 10,000 exchange bonus and additional benefits of Rs 3,000 as special offers.

hyundai verna
hyundai verna

The standard i10 NIOS follows closely behind with a net profit of Rs 28,000, while the i10 NIOS AMT offers an attractive offer of Rs 18,000. These discounts position the i10 NIOS series as an attractive option for those who want a blend of efficiency and style in their daily commute.

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Features of New Aura and New Varna

Hyundai’s sedans, the Aura and Verna, join the discount derby with a focus on beauty and performance. The total benefit on Aura CNG is Rs 33,000, making it an attractive option for those looking for an eco-friendly sedan. The standard Aura, with a gross discount of Rs 18,000, adds to the allure of Hyundai’s sedan lineup. Verna, available in various configurations, offers significant benefits totaling Rs 35,000 including cash discount and exchange bonus. These discounts position the sedan as a practical and stylish option for discerning buyers.

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