This new variant of Honda Activa 7G will shock everyone, its look will touch your heart

Honda is launching an exciting new scooter called Activa Electric in late 2024. This electric scooter will change the way we travel on two wheels in India.

Honda’s new Activa electric scooter is affordable and high-tech

The Activa Electric looks a lot like the regular Activa, but it has nice changes that make it look electric, like the fancy LED lights and the high-tech dashboard.

Honda Activa 7G Powerful Battery

The scooter runs on a special battery called Lithium Ion, paired with a strong electric motor. Plus, they let you go up to 100 kilometers on just one full charge. this is too much!

Honda Activa 7G smart features

Honda has added some smart features to make the ride even more luxurious. There’s a sensor to help you park in tight spots, and you can connect your scooter to your phone with Bluetooth for calls while you ride.

honda activa 7g
honda activa 7g

Honda Activa 7G affordable price

The best part? Activa Electric is not only great but also affordable, its price ranges between Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1.12 lakh. This means more people can get a high-tech scooter without spending a fortune.

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Honda Activa 7G What does it mean for us

As more people are looking for eco-friendly rides, the Activa Electric comes at just the right time. With a well-known brand, long-lasting battery, and fun features, it’s going to be popular among students and everyone else who is looking for a new way to move around.

The Activa Electric is not a scooter – it is the future of travel. With Honda mixing the old with the new, we can’t wait to see how this electric scooter changes our daily rides. Get ready for a green and cool way to travel around!

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