This ration card is very useful! Cheap sugar is available with wheat and rice, know how to apply

New Delhi: Antyodaya ration card Update. Just as there are documents like PAN card for finance work, Voter ID for casting vote in the country, there is a ration card for free and cheap ration for low income and needy people. . The free ration scheme on ration cards, which has been running since the Corona period, is still running. But people are given tremendous benefits on this card. About which people have less information.

There are many types of ration cards which include white card, red card and yellow card. However, it may vary from state to state. On this amazing card, the government provides 35 kg of food grains at cheap rates in a month, in which along with wheat or rice, sugar is also available at cheap rates. Here we are talking about Antyodaya Ration Card, through which the government is providing good benefits under Antyodaya Anna Yojana.

Such people get wheat, rice and cheap sugar

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According to the rules of this scheme, the ration card holder is given 35 kg of grains like wheat or rice along with sugar at a subsidized rate to a family every month, while the same wheat is given at Rs 2 per kg and rice at Rs 3 per kg. The special thing is that from time to time the government is providing a price 18 rupees less than the Chinese market rate.

How to apply for Antyodaya Ration Card

If you want to apply for Antyodaya Ration Card, then first you have to know the eligibility, after that you can apply. To apply, you will have to fill the application form from the food supply department of your state, in which you can submit the required documents like Aadhar card, passport size photo, residence certificate, income certificate etc. and submit this form to the food department. .

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