This video is going viral after Poonam Pandey’s death

This video is going viral after Poonam Pandey's death

At present, only Poonam Pandey’s name is being discussed in the entertainment world and social media. The news of the death of Poonam Pandey, who was always in the headlines for her bold photos and videos, has now spread everywhere. However, some of his fans do not want to believe this. So some people are shocked to hear this. Poonam Pandey has died at the age of 32. According to her social media account, Poonam Pandey died due to cervical cancer. Meanwhile, an old video of his is going viral on social media and people are watching it again and again.

Suspense still persists over the death of actress Poonam Pandey. Rahul Vaidya, Vineet Kakkar and the actress’ alleged boyfriend Bipin Hedekar have also called Poonam Pandey’s death a mere rumour. People on social media have also called it a publicity stunt. Amidst all this, a hot video of Poonam Pandey is going viral on social media.

“#PoonamPandeyDeath” is still trending on social media platforms. However, amidst all this, an old video of actress Poonam Pandey is going viral on social media. This video, which is going viral on social media, was shared by Poonam Pandey herself on her official Instagram account last month. In this viral video, she is seen chilling in the swimming pool in a bikini.

In this video, Poonam Pandey is wearing a bikini and she has set the water on fire with the magic of her hotness and beauty. Posting the hot video, Poonam captioned, “I am happiest when I swim.” On this video of the actress, her fans have also expressed their love by sharing heart emojis. In such a situation, after the news of Poonam’s death, fans are sharing this video and saying that they cannot believe it.

The mystery of Poonam Pandey’s death!

The mystery of Poonam Pandey’s death is becoming more complicated. The news of Poonam Pandey’s death came out but the body was not found. The actress’s family is also not giving any answer in this matter. Everyone’s phones are switched off. Meanwhile, Poonam Pandey’s alleged ex-boyfriend Bipin Hedekar has called this news false. He also claims that nothing happened to Poonam.

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