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Traffic police will stop you when you are driving on the road. If you have all the documents, they will send it to you, but if any document is missing, they will be fined. But to avoid this you adopt many types of adventures. If you come to know that there is police ahead, you will change that route.

Also, even if the police stops your car, you try to run away from there without stopping the car. But if you hear a woman’s idea to escape from the traffic police, you will also be surprised. Yes, the owner of a trucking company in China was arrested by the police for coming up with a new idea to stop his trucks.

In Jiangyang, Hubei province, a woman installed GPS in her company’s trucks to avoid police detection. This was a strange incident to hear. She used to install GPS in about 11 police vehicles roaming in her area and kept an eye on the activities of the policemen.

How is GPS installed?

He had planned to install GPS in the police car and had purchased the GPS device online, after all the devices arrived he took the help of his drivers. He found out where all the police cars were parked. Later, when all the police cars were stopped, he placed a GPS tracker under them during the night.

Zhu bought six magnetic GPS trackers online for 350 yuan each in June last year and used them to track cars through an app on his phone until the end of last month. She was thus able to identify the locations of traffic police cars and warn their drivers to avoid them.

How did you get caught?

It took several months for the police to locate him even with the help of the car’s GPS. When the police released their cars for inspection, they found a suspicious black box under the car. Further investigation revealed that it was a GPS tracker. All cars were immediately inspected and these trackers were removed. From the SIM card present in the GPS box, the police easily found out who had installed it.

a woman who confessed

When the police arrested the woman and interrogated her, she confessed that wherever she went, the police used to stop her truck and impose fines on some pretext or the other. He said that he did this to avoid this. Thus, he was sentenced to 8 days in jail and a fine of 500 yuan.

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