To capture the automobile market in 2024, both Volkswagen and Skoda companies will launch new electric vehicles.

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Volkswagen and Skoda Upcoming Cars

To establish their status in this new year of 2024, two new companies are going to launch their electric vehicles in the market which will attract the entire Indian customers. All the features of new technology have been added in it and It has a lot of safety features and is going to be available at a cheaper price. Let us know in detail about all their features and price.

About information about new technology features of Volkswagen and Skoda

Both these vehicles will use very good quality powerful batteries which can give a maximum range of 400 to 500 kilometers and will take only 3 hours to charge. Other models will also have similar powerful engines and powerful Battery will be used and new features will also be added due to which customers are going to be very happy. Let us know the name and information of these two models.

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Volkswagen ID 4 GT

Coming first on our list is the Volkswagen ID 4 GTX model, which will be a very high performance variety model. In this, a high quality electric motor and an electric battery that generates good power have been used.

In the Volkswagen ID 4 GTX electric vehicle, the company uses a 77 kilowatt battery which gives a range of 483 kilometers once fully charged and this electric four wheeler vehicle supports fast charging, it takes only 3 hours to charge. And it gets charged to 80%.

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Skoda Enyaq iV

The electric model presented at number two in our list is named Skoda Enyaq iV, which is of very good quality in the market. The company provides a 77 kilo watt battery in it and claims that this electric four wheeler vehicle can travel up to 100 kilometers. It completes the speed of 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds and once fully charged it gives a range of 420 km.

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The vehicles which are going to be launched in Bharti Automobile Market have been included in the list of upcoming vehicles. They have not been launched in this market yet, hence the price of these vehicles has not been disclosed. If you want to buy these vehicles, then wait for some time. And then after that you will get these vehicles in the market, join the WhatsApp group to get similar information.

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