Ukraine targets Russian occupied Lisichansk area, 28 including nine women killed – News India Live

Moscow, 05 February (HS). Ukraine has opened fire on a bakery and restaurant in the Russian-occupied city of Lisichansk, killing 28 people. Nine women and a child were also among the dead. The condition of four other people is said to be critical.

Local leader Leonid Pasechnik said that a large number of people were present in the bakery at the time of the attack. He said 10 other people were rescued from the debris by emergency services and others were being searched. However, there has been no comment from Ukrainian authorities regarding this incident.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has condemned this attack. Also said that the West should think why it is helping Ukraine in killing civilians. Foreign Ministry spokesperson says that preliminary investigation has revealed that foreign weapons have been used in this attack.

At the same time, the military administration of Ukraine’s Sumy region said on Sunday that the Russian army had shelled the region in 16 separate attacks a day earlier. The attack included the border areas of Yunakivka, Bilopilia, Krasnopilia, Velika Pysarivka and Esman.

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